About Minimusic

Minimusic is an educational course designed to provide children ages 5-7 with a basic knowledge of music theory, giving them a jump start in their future of music.  Children who participate in Minimusic as a primer to regular music lessons will gain a fantastic understanding of rhythm and counting.

“Allow music to enter a child’s heart and the mind will take it from there.” -Paula Manwaring

Many teachers are hesitant to accept younger children as formal music students, making it very difficult for parents to find suitable musical education for their young children. Minimusic lessons are specifically designed to work with younger children, making lessons fun and allowing children to develop applicable knowledge of music theory through the use of games and activities. Some of the activities involved in Minimusic classes are:

  • Music bingo and other games
  • Making puppets
  • Playing with flash cards
  • Storytelling
  • Coloring and worksheets
  • Singing
  • Movement
  • Making instruments

Concepts Taught